Service Fees

The Service Fee is how we charge for using our services. We are determined to keep it as low as we can. However, it is what makes us able to keep the platform running and provide you with payments, shipping integrations, insights and continued innovation. It is and will always be completely free to get started at Outshifter.

  • 1. Outshifter only charges per transaction

    For a limited time only, your first 100 transactions are free of charge.

    The Service Fee is 4,8% of the value of the transaction plus a 0,18€ flat fee.

    The fee is automatically subtracted from the payout from an order (for further details on this see the billing section). The Service Fee is only charged to products and services you list yourself. In other words, the fee is not applied to you if the listing was sourced.

    Please keep in mind that your platforms might charge you a fee for using them as a channel (The charge is only applicable to you when a sale is made through your account) In these instances, we will make you aware once you connect a channel to your Outshifter account.

    We will always be 100% transparent regarding our fees, however, please familiarize yourself with the fee structure on the channels you allow for product listings to be outshifted to, as they differ from ours.

  • 2. Billing

    The Service Fee is automatically subtracted from your payout, so there is nothing you have to do on your end. The billing statement gives you an overview of the monthly transaction total and our Service Fee.

  • 3. Referral Fee

    The referral fee is the payout to the user who sourced, outshifted and facilitated a sale from one of your listings. The user receives a referral fee for every successful transaction they facilitate through their channels. The user that owns the listing (supplier) always decides what the referral fee for each of their listings is, when creating it.