Standard Order Flow

1. A customer places an order on the Sellers sales channel for a Supplier's product.

2. Outshifter registers this activity and does three things:

  • Subtracts the full Retail price + the additional shipping cost from the Sellers bank account and holds it in escrow.

  • Automatically forwards the order information to the Supplier.

  • Sends a confirmation email to the customer on the Seller's behalf: Providing order and fulfilment information, the Suppliers contact details and return policy. Outshifter also provides a unique return ID with link to an online withdrawal form. 

3. The Supplier includes a return label in the package, ships the product to the customer and marks the order as completed. This triggers Outshifter to:

  • Send a shipment confirmation email to the customer.

  • Notify the Seller that the order has been fulfilled. 

4. Outshifter tracks the shipment and registers the date the customer received the product. Outshifter holds the money in escrow until the 14 day EU return right expires and pays out the revenue share to the Seller and Supplier.