Getting Started

Here are some easy steps to help you start building your Sales Network:

  • 1. Build your Network

    Click on Network > Search in the sidebar menu.

    Here you can find and connect with other users on the Outshifter platform.

    By clicking connect on another user profile, a request will be sent to said user. Connected users get access to source each other’s listings and sell them on their own channels.

    By clicking on Network > Requests in the sidebar menu, you can mange requests from other users, simply by clicking Accept or Decline.

  • 2. Outsource or Source

    Go to “Products” -> “Search” in the menu to find products to source.

    Go to “Products” -> “Listings” in the menu to create a listing or to manage your listings.

  • 3. Connect your Channels

    Click “Manage” on your dashboard´s Channels section.

    Here you can connect your Channels, meaning your account’s on other platforms.

    By connecting these channels to your Outshifter account, you can outshift listings you have created yourself or listings you or sourced from other users.