Retail during the Corona crisis - online distribution has never been more important

The corona crisis and lockdowns have hit hard, regardless of industry. One month into what has been described as the worst crisis since World War II, closed shops and empty streets have unfortunately become a common sight. Physical retail is particularly hard hit by the crisis.

If you are sitting on a full inventory supply of spring and summer collections that do not contain Japanese toilets or toilet paper, it is important to rethink your online strategy in order to survive. In the case that your brand or store is not already doing e-commerce, this is definitely the time to start, and if you are already running an online store, this is the time to focus on your online strategy. The corona crisis forces all stores to think about e-commerce whether they want to or not. Solutions such as personal shopping over FaceTime is creative but not scalable. The solutions that are implemented now must be sustainable when things start normalizing. Outshifter is the solution that makes it easy to start selling online regardless of experience level. In fact, we would argue that it is the simplest, fairest and fastest way to get products up for sale online. It's a solution you can grow and scale your business with.

About Outshifter

In short: Outshifter lets you sell your products through other online stores. You ship the products directly to the end customer through the fulfillment method called "dropshipping". The easiest and fastest way to scale distribution and sales online.


Whether you have an online store or not - Outshifter makes it incredibly easy to start:


Sign up – For instance with your Facebook profile, so all you have to do is to create a username.

Create Product Profiles - Upload product images and provide some information about the product. If you have a Shopify online store you can upload your existing products directly to Outshifter.

Find online stores that you want to sell your products - Only online stores that you approve can sell your products, so you have complete control over where the products are listed for sale.

Ship products directly to the customer - You own the customer relationship.


By letting other online stores sell your products, you can quickly increase visibility, distribution and sales online. Creating a profile on Outshifter or uploading products is free. We handle all technical infrastructure from payment to integrations with other online stores. You only pay for transactions. It is the easiest, fairest and most transparent way to increase your online sales.


Crisis require rethinking and Outshfiter is the model that can help you increase sales and growth. Start selling your inventory and get yourself out of the crisis, equipped for the future. Your first 100 transactions are now free!

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